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Throughout The Citadel's school year, students of varying levels will engage in different service learning and community engagement (SLCE) opportunities. All students will have picked or will be assigned to a variety of service and training opportunities. The SLCE team and various Citadel professors will be conducting a brief survey research study to examine college students’ perceptions of service learning and leadership upon completion of SLEC. Completion of today’s surveys will take 5-10 minutes. All students will be asked to complete the forms as part of their preparation and reflection around Leadership Day and other service events throughout the semester, but providing your CWID so that your surveys today can be matched to your evaluation surveys for future service including Leadership Day is completely voluntary. If you choose to participate in the research component of this survey process, please include your CWID on today’s survey form. We will keep it only long enough to combine it with your surveys at the end of service experiences including Leadership Day. In either case, DO NOT put your name on any of these forms. In this way your identity is protected. There are no known risks to participate in this study. However, please feel free to ask questions or address any concerns to come by the Krause Center. There can be no penalty if you decline to participate (i.e. decline to provide CWID), and you can discontinue participation at any time. In concrete terms, you can elect to not include your CWID on your evaluation forms in the future if you ever decide you do not want today’s survey tied to your evaluation of your leadership day or other service experience. By providing your electronic signature and CWID, I agree to participate in this research about heroism, volunteering, and service learning. I understand that group findings from this survey may be disseminated at conferences or in a campus, local, state, regional, or national publications, but that there will be no way for anyone to identify me personally as a participant.


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Quality of Service

For the following questions, please record and rate your primary service site. Check one option in each row to reflect your experience of preparing and completing your service learning activity.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly Agree

This service reinforced something I learned in class.

This service allowed me to make a difference in the community.

I met the people I was serving.

I worked in a culture different from my own and/or worked with people who are different from me.

I had fun while doing service.

I learned something by doing this service.

This helped me develop as a leader.

Based on this service learning experience, I would like to do more volunteer service of some kind in the future.

This changed on one or more of my perceptions or beliefs.

This was a worthwhile use of my time.

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