The Citadel AED Health Preprofessional Honor Society, SC Theta Chapter


Healthcare Volunteering with Alpha Epsilon Delta, SC Theta Chapter at The Citadel

The purposes of this society are:
1. To provide students interested in pursuing a health career with the support and encouragement necessary for success with their studies.
2. To make the student a more competitive candidate for post-graduate health professional study, by ensuring the student is assisted in all areas of application.
3. To assist in organizing health-care volunteering and record-keeping of all service.
4. To assist in organizing shadowing
5. To serve the community by volunteering assistance at high schools, clinics, shelters or other service type institutions.
6. Fund-raising activities to promote volunteering and charitable activities as well as leadership development
7. To provide a forum for the discussion of any issues the students may face in their pursuit of a health career.
8. To educate the students of all possible choices of health careers and assist them with making an informed choice. This will include guest speakers and trips to institutes.
9. To work with and collaborate with the existing Pre-Health Society.
10. To promote research and encourage participation in research at The Citadel, a known requirement for post-graduation studies in the health professions. To assist and promote the CURE program.
11. To have a strong peer mentoring program, where upper class-men assist with lower class fellows in career development and guidance.
12. To have a strong professional mentoring program, where healthcare professionals assist and mentor students.
13.To assist with military contracts and health careers.
14. Workshops to be held on “Personal Essay Writing”, “Resume Writing” and “Interview Techniques”

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